3 Tips That Helped Me Lose Weight & Keep it Off!

3 Simple Things that helped me lose weight that also help my clients and can help you!

1. Eat adequate protein – this amount will vary per person and by activity level, but should be around 20-30% of your daily calorie intake. If you need more help figuring this out, contact me!
2. Fill up on veggies. Make half of your plate vegetables and substitute them for other foods, like zucchini noodles instead of pasta, or replace half of your rice with cauliflower rice. These swaps will help keep you fuller longer, help you feel satisfied and provide essential nutrients for metabolism & energy.
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3. Swap refined carbs for whole grains. You don’t have to cut all carbs, just make them ones that have fiber and vitamins! For instance, brown rice instead of white, whole grain bread instead of white, honey instead of white sugar, etc. These will help you not to feel deprived while fueling your body with the energy it needs and making weight loss easier!

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